Charitable Lead Supporters

MY Shower Door is proud to offer lead support to the Make-A-Wish mission, which receives portions of all our product sales. The Make-A-Wish Foundation enables our staff, as well as our company to be involved in making wishes come true. This group gives our company the opportunity to connect with our customers on a different level and give back to our community through responsible giving. Below is a letter we received in thanks in April 2011:

Dear Bill & Donna,

Your continued support through your recent donation of ____ to The Make-A-Wish Foundation of Southern Florida will grant the heartfelt wish of another local child. It is only because of the generosity of people such as the two of you that we are able to continue our 28 year tradition of never having to say “no” to a medically eligible child. Our Wishmaker’s Ball was an even larger success than anticipated and we’re honored that you chose to spend the evening with other supporters and wish children. Once someone has heard words from little Victoria, they understand why we all do what we do to make dreams become a reality for children battling life-threatening illnesses.

Your second wish child, Noah, is only 10 and suffers just like Victoria from a severe seizure disorder. He doesn’t let this stop him from enjoying and participating in his passion – hockey! His favorite T.V. program is watching hockey games and he told us that his hobby and special talent is helping a disabled hockey team. His favorite color is black and he loves to eat ham. When he has free time, he plays with his dog Roxy and his step brother and step sister. Of course, he’s getting close to that age when he won’t want to spend time with any girls and will just hang out with his brother and the hockey team.

With such a great love of the sport of hockey, it wasn’t a surprise that he picked for his heartfelt wish to meet hockey player Sidney Crosby who plays with the Pittsburgh Penguins. Crosby having recently suffered from a head concussion, Noah has been following his hero even more closely. We are all encouraged that the “meet and greet” will go forward since the early returns on Sidney’s first workouts are an indication that the player and our wish child’s hero, may be back in the Pittsburgh Penguins’ lineup for the playoffs. Noah has been thrilled that the Penguins have managed to stay near the top of the Eastern Conference standings over the last two and-a-half months, going 15-10-5 in Crosby’s absence. Crosby was having the best season of his career and Noah has been following him since the beginning.

With all celebrity wishes, we’ll wait for the news that a meeting has been arranged and the family will travel to wherever his hero is going to meet him. There’s going to be lots of anticipation on this one and when we get details on when the wish will happen, we’ll be glad to pass that on to the two of you. And as always, if after the wish, we receive pictures, those too will be headed your way.

While we all wait for Noah’s great moments to happen, please know how appreciate we are of your generosity and desire to share the power of a wish.

– Judith Yevick, West Coast Operations Manager


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