Community Outreach

The following are letters of appreciation for our sponsorship, donations, and visits:

S.W. Florida PGA Association Springs Run at The Brooks

Mr. Daubmann,

On behalf of the 12 PGA Golf Professional and the 12 area amateurs, I would like to thank you and your family, for your sponsorship of the 2007 Mr. Shower Door Challenge Cup. Your support was a major factor in this years event being a huge success. The players were impressed with the banners that you has made up and your show of support on the course and at the cocktail party after play. The players are excited about the commitment from you and your family for the future of this event.

I personally enjoyed our round of golf on Friday, I had a great time with you and your family and look forward to playing with you again in the future. I will be in contact with you as we start planning next year’s event. Your input and support will be welcomed and appreciated.

I have enclosed the articles from the newspapers, and their coverage of the event. The News Press and the Naples Daily News have always been willing supporters of the event. Thanks again and continued success with your business.

– Joe Allinder – Tournament Chair – Mr. Shower Door Challenge Cup

Tornado Disaster Relief

Dear Bill,

On behalf of all of the employees here at Coral Industries, I want to express our sincere appreciation for the supplies that you collected and sent to us to help those directly affected by the recent tornado that went through our community.

I feel certain that you have seen some of the pictures that demonstrated the catastrophic destruction that Tuscaloosa and other areas of Alabama experienced in those loss of both life and property.

We have been extremely gratified by the response and support that our community has received from you and others throughout our nation, which only gives more credence to our belief that the American people are the most generous in the world and most willing to help neighbors in their time of need.

Let me again say how much we appreciate the supplies you collected for us and assure you that they will be used to the benefit of those who suffered loss on April 27.

We thank you so much.

– L. L. McAllister

Gulf Coast High School’s Business & Marketing Academy Classroom Visit

Dear Bill Daubmann,

I am very grateful that you would take time out of your schedule to talk my classmates and I about the basics of starting your own business. This was tremendously helpful to me because I am planning on doing just the same. I want to start my own sports agency as of now but I am sure it will change a few times before I go to college.

Also I have a better insight of the self owner business world. This in my perspective is what I want to be when I grow up. You were a very good speaker and really for the students involved which is a key necessity when speaking to a younger age group.

Once again I would like to thank you and your wife for talking to us. Even though it might not seems like it, it impact the way we look at your field forever. I wish you and your wife all the success in the world!

– Danny Garrison


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